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Review: Wither by Amy Miles

22562935Title: Wither
Author: Amy Miles
Series: Withered #1
Release date: October 26th, 2014
Genre: Apocalyptic, Romance, Zombies

Book Description:

The world went to hell two weeks ago and twenty-one-year-old, Avery Whitlock, just watched it happen.

After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague, the government leapt into the fray with the release of the MONE vaccine. What was meant to bring salvation to the remaining survivors instead brought damnation. Human mutations began within days of the drug’s release and the Withered Ones were born. People not alive but not entirely dead either. They walked the streets, unblinking and unaware. A zombie, for all intents and purposes, but nothing like anyone anticipated.

Growing up on the streets taught Avery how to care for herself, but no amount of self defense classes at the Y could have prepared her for the outbreak of deadly gangs, a corrupt government bent on using her blood for experiments and the depths to which desperate people would go to survive. She soon discovered that it was not the Withered Ones that she needed to fear, but those still human. The ones who knew how to put a gun to her head when they wanted something from her.

Avery was forced to decide how far would she be willing to go to survive just one more day.

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This book completely took over my life for a couple days! I read it during ever spare moment I had and I don’t regret it at all! It had me hooked from the very beginning and I loved its fast pace and plot.

Wither contains everything that an apocalypse novel should; violence, action, romance, great story line and of course…zombies! Amy is an amazing writer and she doesn’t disappoint in this book either with fantastic characters and everything else. Though I do not recommend this book for younger readers.

I love that the book began in the early parts of the apocalypse, it made it more believable and fascinating. The outbreak itself was creative and you never really knew what was going to happen next, just wonderful!

At first I wasn’t too impressed with Avery, she was just too ungrateful and I didn’t like that at all. But as the book continued she did as well, and with the continuation came the understanding of why she was that way. Avery turns out to be quite an awesome person that I ended up connecting with. And just to put this out there…I did not like the ending! NOT because it was horrible or anything, but because it made me cry my freaking eyes out!!!!!

Cannot WAIT to read the next book, great job Amy Miles!!

About the Author


Amy Miles is the author of multiple published novels, including her bestselling young adult immortals books, The Arotas Series. Unwilling to be defined by any one genre, she has written paranormal romance, science fiction/fantasy, post-apocalyptic, romance, inspirational, and plans to continue to explore new genres. She is the co-Founder of Red Coat PR, a firm helping indie authors build a marketing base for their career. Amy is also the co-Founder of Penned Con, an annual two day convention held in St. Louis MO bringing readers and authors together with industry professionals to learn, grow and give back. She and her husband are heavily involved in charity work through Action for Autism, a St. Louis based organization aiding families with autism and founded the Penned Con scholarship to benefit area families. She is an avid reader, urban homesteader, weekend golfer and netflix binge addict who lives with her husband and son in South Carolina.

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