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Seriously I am a Procrastinator!

Okay so you know how I have said over and over that I have LOTS of reviews to post?? I seriously do! I just can’t seem to just POST THEM!!! My goal was to post a review everyday, since I can read 1 1/2 (sometimes 2) books in a day. Does that happen though?! NOPE!


I did post a review today on The Rising Trilogy, and that was just one series I can now tack off my ever growing folder of Reviews! See below my FOLDER!!


There it is in all its glory! And just a little note..the ones that say SERIES Reviews? They have MORE THAN ONE review in them! So I’m not kidding when I say that I am a procrastinator!!! It’s just my habit to read a book, write my review straight away, and then just let it sit there for a bit.

I know, I know…I’m a horrible person for not sharing my reviews as soon as I write them. But most times it’s because I simply don’t have the time to make the post. I have an 8 year old daughter and a 3 1/2 year old son. They don’t really enjoy it when Mom is sitting in front of the laptop and only half listening to EVERYTHING they are saying, and I know those fellow Moms out there will get it! So the only time I truly have to be completely dedicated to my posts/emails..etc is if I stay awake after my Hubby leaves at 4AM(Come ON..I’m Pregnant!! So SLEEP!!), Nap Time for the boy (which can last anywhere from 30 mins-3 hours depending on him!) OR after they both go to bed at 8PM(but 3AM comes VERY early!)

Does anyone else have this problem of finding exclusive time to do what needs done on the computer??


That is all for my little rant..not that I meant it to be a rant..but it is what it is! Hopefully I can get some time in this weekend to post a few more reviews, since we don’t (at this time) have any weekend plans!

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend and that I didn’t run you off!!



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