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Review Opportunity: Elemental Secrets (Essential Elements #1) by Elle Middaugh

CoverTitle: Elemental Secrets (Essential Elements #1)
Author: Elle Middaugh
Publication date: February 27th 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

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With her mother long deceased and her father recently deployed, Valerie Moore is sent to live with her eccentric aunt in a tiny town nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Being a Navy brat has made her into a bit of a loner, and making friends isn’t high on her list.

Time with her aunt, however, soon convinces her that a life of loneliness really isn’t what she wants. So, she opens up and makes a few friends – friends with secrets.

Her love life quickly becomes a mess. Torn between the conflicted heartbreaker next door, the persistent jock at the top, and the rugged college bad boy, Valerie finds it almost impossible to choose just one guy.

Romance isn’t her only problem, though.

Secrets are revealed about her family, her friends and relationships, and her whole world…

But the biggest secret of all is unveiled when Valerie discovers she has Elemental powers, unleashing a rapid chain of irreversible events.


You can now request a review copy of Elemental Secrets by Elle Middaugh, a YA Fantasy novel. Reviews should be posted by September 13th. Review copies are available in PDF format.

Page count: 368 pages

–Please only request if you are truly interested in reviewing.
–If you don’t blog but you post reviews on other platforms (Facebook, Goodreads etc), you can still request!
–Not all requests may get approved.
–This is not a blog tour; if approved for a copy, you choose your own day to post your review.
–Please cross-post your review on Amazon, Goodreads, and B&N if possible.


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