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Romance Readers can WIN $1000 Amazon Gift Card!

Welcome to the Romance and Erotica Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

We’re so glad you stopped by! A lot of great authors are giving away a HUGE Amazon Gift Card to one lucky Romance and/or Erotica reading fan! (Yes, we check, and only true romance book worms qualify to win! But there WILL be a winner, which will be publicly announced in the Facebook Party HERE on December 2nd!


Here are a couple of sneak peeks from the EPIC Romance and Erotica Group with Rebecca Hamilton!

From The Alpha’s Hunger by Renee Rose

The guy with the gun smacked her head with it and she fell back, against the car. She lost her grip on the laptop and one of them snatched it away.

Another one grabbed her arm and yanked her forward. “You’re coming with us, honey,” he said.

A terrible snarl sounded from the other side of her car and suddenly a huge black animal leaped over the car, gleaming white teeth snapping. Its jaws closed over the neck of the man holding her and they both tumbled to the ground, the beast snarling and growling as they rolled together. Gunshots rang out from both directions, and the animal yelped and let go, but sprang to its feet, crouching to attack another man. The men continued to fire at the animal, and guns fired, the sound ricocheting around the concrete parking garage. Screaming blared in her ears—her own voice, she realized. The laptop had fallen to the ground and she grabbed it and took off running for their car. If her sister was in it, she needed to get to her.

The animal launched at her, knocking her down. She screamed, expecting it to move in for the kill, but instead it turned, lunging at one of the men.

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here,” one of them yelled, helping up the most severely wounded and dragging him toward their car.

She climbed to her feet to follow, but the wolf—or whatever it was—turned and snarled, blood dripping from its muzzle. She took a step back. It snarled again, blocking her way, then it chased the remaining man, tackling him once, but then taking another gunshot wound which left it lying as the man jumped in the driver’s seat and the car screeched off.

She ran a few steps after, then stopped, seeing the beast climb to its feet. She froze. It turned amber eyes on her and growled, low and menacing. It was covered in blood, and its fangs looked razor sharp. It advanced.

She backed up slowly. “Easy, big guy,” she said, her heart in her throat. She didn’t make eye contact or any sudden movements. If she could just get to her car, she’d be all right. It continued to follow her, though, his head lowered, fangs bared. The growl was like nothing she’d ever heard before. Unworldly. Terrifying.

Her butt hit the car and she fumbled for the door, not wanting to turn her back on the animal.

The wolf stalked closer and she shrieked, scrambling up on the trunk to get away.

The beast suddenly transformed, growing taller, thinning out. She blinked, thinking she had lost her mind.

Ben Stone stood in front of her, dripping in blood, naked, and looking furious. He yanked open the back door to her car and pulled her off the trunk at the same time. “Get on the floor,” he said, pointing to the back seat. “Head down, eyes lowered. Now.

Conflicted by Rebecca Hamilton

“I’m not an idiot, Chelsie. I was outside in the hallway and heard the nurse order a pregnancy test on room number nineteen. You’re in room nineteen.” He paused and pointed to the board where it said “HCG HOLD” in big red letters. “This means they need to confirm you’re not pregnant before they’ll do a surgery. Why didn’t you tell me? I have every right to know.”

Everyone in the surgery wing had a right to know, I supposed, by the way his voice was so angry and loud. My body vibrated.

I sat up straight in bed. “Because I’m not pregnant. I haven’t had a period in a couple of months, but we were careful, and my tests were negative. You’ll see you’re overreacting.”

The color had drained from his tanned skin. If he hadn’t taken a seat quickly, I felt certain he would’ve fainted. He rolled over to me on the small medical stool. His reaction told me he wasn’t happy about the possibilities. It was a bit unsettling to me, but I wasn’t going to publicly deal with his emotions—I had my own.

I watched as one-by-one he chewed the cuticles on his nails. It was something I’d never seen him do before. Right then, I realized he wasn’t ready for what we’d been doing.

His actions diminished the way I felt about him.

While a baby would’ve meant a miracle in my life, I already had one child who’s father rarely offered to complete the circle of life with our son and be the mentor he needed. I didn’t want that for another child, regardless of my private longing to fill my empty wound and heal the hole in my heart.

His nostrils flared. “How could you let this happen?”

He was putting the blame on me?

“Wow, you’re commitment to me lasted all of five minutes.”

He refused to make eye contact.

“Ian, you’re a doctor and you’re asking me that question? You know, I don’t need this right now. I crave a man that’s willing to stand tall with me and be on the same page about us and life and—embrace everything. Since you’re obviously not capable of doing that, you need to get out. Please, just get out of my room and get out of my life.” My arms flung about in the air like a peacock frilling her feathers, almost ripping the IV needle from my vein. “I need someone who supports me in all endeavors, not blames me the minute the first hiccup comes along. All you’ve done is turn my world upside down.”

He didn’t move.

“I said, GET. OUT.” I left no question about the rest of the department hearing my command.

Ian’s shoulders dropped, but he offered up not a single defense for himself.

When he left, I couldn’t decide if his departure made me feel better or worse, but I was grateful Shawna was still by my side.




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