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Review ~ The Fervor by Xandrie Kovak

Title: The Fervor29924018

Author: Xandrie Kovak


Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Mature YA

Book Description:


Thanks to her great- great-grandmother, loner Claire Sommers’ DNA results are succubus positive. To make matters worse, her college is forcing her into the Supernatural program. The last place she wants to be is in a room filled with ferals, vampires, and other monsters from her nightmares. The absolute worst thing she can imagine? Getting hit with her first fervor in the middle of said classroom. Especially in front of the new alpha of the Red Crescent pack, Lucas Masters.

With every Supe in scenting distance caught up in the pheromone frenzy, Claire realizes she’s probably not going to survive the night with her dignity intact. She may not even survive at all…

Thanks Grandma.

The Fervor is the sizzling first installment of the Sinful Supes series. If you’re a fan of dominant werewolves and dark suspense, sign up for the free advance review copy today.



That was incredible! It took me only a few hours to read through this book and fall absolutely in love with it!

It was dark and exciting, and one didn’t outweigh the other, so it was a wonderful blend. The characters were great and I instantly became team Lucas. Though I’m not entirely sure how the two of them are going to work…age and all…but sometimes… and I mean RARE sometimes…age is just a number. However, when his age came out I kind of went a little wonky. I mean here was this awesome man with quite a large piece of…equipment…and then he turns out to be underage…just threw me for a minute. But I have wrapped my head around that and have decided that even though he can’t be a man for my fantasies, I can still read and enjoy his character very much!

Other than the age thing, my only other problem is that it was WAY too short! I want to know more and I want to know more NOW!!! Like pronto!!!!

The Succubus thing was a little new for me, I have read a few others but nothing quite like this. It reminded me a little of Lost Girl (Fantastic show, you guys should check it out if you haven’t already!) I just love how even though she doesn’t have a single clue what the heck is going on (Noob much?!) she still keeps going and doesn’t just give up, which is another reason why I freaking love her!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*



About the Author:


XANDRIE KOVAK writes for mature teens. X.KOVAK writes for adults. Just about any XK book is rife with beautiful monsters, reader discretion advised labels, and romance of the dark variety. Basically, XK writes the kind of stories your mother warned you about.

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