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End of Day 1 of Penned Con 2016


SOOOO we are settling down in our hotel for the night after quite a fantastic day, if I say so myself. We left our hotel in Warrenton Mo around 7:30 AM and made it to the location of Penned Con a little before 9. Traffic was crazy due to road work and probably people commuting to work but it wasn’t so bad because we were super excited about getting where we were going and just having a good morning!

So we get there and get signed to receive our badges..which just made this way more real and fantastic and then we hit the swag tables! There are 2 huge tables at each end of the hall and I grabbed like one of everything..and so did Zach because he is awesome that way! About 10 AM we had the Opening and a Keynote Speaker..which was the AMAZING Quinn Loftis. I actually recorded a bit of her speech when I realized she was saying something that I wanted to listen to over and over because it really was such a great topic and what a way to start the event! She spoke about why writers write and it was just great!


As soon as that finished up it was time to start hitting the ballrooms…and WOW…we only got through ONE today so tomorrow is going to be all about the 2nd one! But I got all the signatures from the authors in the first ballroom and my canvas bag looks super pretty because that’s what I was having everyone sign. I also picked up more swag, bought some books, received some free books and stuff for being a blogger and just had quite the good time.

I will admit that I was a sweaty nervous mess due to the fact that I don’t handle social situations very well, but I did it and even though I know I looked like a hot mess, I smiled and handed out my card to every single author and that is my goal for tomorrow. I figure the more I can get my name out there, the more I can help authors get their work out there and that is all I care about.


I actually had an author ask me if I charge for the services I do on my blog and I was like “Nope, I do this because I love books. I don’t do this for profit.” I’m glad that I could answer like that because I just love what I do, and I may not be a super big name or have a very far reach. But what I share matters and captures the attention of you guys and that just makes me smile!

Anyway, back to the days events… After the event ended today we checked into the hotel that we will be staying in till Sunday and started going through all the swag and awesomeness and realized that I just have way too much and that it would have to wait for another day because we were hungry. So dinner it was!


We head out and get to Hardees, because were all about fast and somewhat cheap..not really restaurant type people..but that works for us! BUT our bank decided to redo their systems…SO….now our debit cards won’t work for the rest of the weekend…HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT!?!? Like we were freaked out because every ATM we were checking was telling us we were negative…like WTH…that wasn’t possible..we were diligently checking all day just to make sure that my book craziness wasn’t getting too out of hand and we were good. So yeah…were eating vending machines snacks for dinner and breakfast until some money gets wired to were okay to for the rest of the weekend. THANK GOD because that would have been awful being stuck 5+ hours from home and having no money!

Another good thing is that we bought all the books that we pre-ordered and tomorrow there were no plans to buy more. I wish I had like a super big amount of money to buy books…but we will make do with what we have and just focus on signatures, connecting with the authors and just having a grand ole time not spending money. It should be great! So I’m done with my raving about my day and I am going to get an AWESOME night of sleep and SLEEPING in in the morning because we don’t have the kiddos and we don’t have to be anywhere till 11AM!!!

Night All!!


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