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Penned Con 2016! Only 22 days to go!!!! YAY!!!

So many of you may have caught on that my husband is one of my co-bloggers, he’s just super awesome like that! LOL but were taking a trip to St. Louis in just 22 short days for a two-day convention that we won tickets for from the super amazing author Nikki Jefford — Seriously you should check out her work, she writes some good stuff! —but back to the point. The event is only on Sept. 23rd and 24th, but were leaving Thursday night and coming home Sunday. We figured, why not make a belated anniversary/vacation thing out of it since we already had a sitter who was willing. Which is awesome because we haven’t had a trip like this in YEARS!! And yes…it’s only about 5 hours from home, but still…when you live in a small town and your quality time is spent playing Canasta, this is quite the trip.

Not that playing cards is a bad thing, we actually really enjoy doing that stuff, were such homebodies! We have been that way since we got together 9 years ago. We’ve been married 6 years now and have 2 amazing children too.

WOW…did I get off topic or what!? HAHA okay, so let’s try this again. I’m making this post to just ask again if there is anyone who would be willing to help fund this trip that were taking. It’s an author convention that is going to have A LOT of different authors there doing signings and swag and a whole bunch of other things. I set up a GoFundMe page and everything. It’s my first time doing that, so it made me feel a little self-conscious. But in the long run, we kind of need the help because it’s not easy to save money for a trip that you only had two months to prepare for on top of a daughter going back to school, girl scouts, bills…you know the drill right? Why did we have to grow up so fast thinking life was going to be easy as adults…adulting is hard! HAHA but even if you can’t help us out fund-wise if you could just share my GoFundMe, or even just this post with people you know maybe someone else will help! Were going regardless of how much money we may or may not have, it would just be really nice to not struggle.

It’s amazing what spreading the word can do! Remember, Sharing is Caring!!

Also, I have a lot of reviews that I have written up and just left to the side because I was just lazy! LOL but I will be posting quite a few new reviews in the next day so look forward to that!

Links for everything are below, thanks again for reading this and enjoying my blog! I would be no where without my followers!!

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