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Penned Con 2016….I’M GOING!!!! But….

Okay so here are the details…

I have received a couple tickets for my husband and I to attend Penned Con 2016 in St. Louis Mo…which is freaking FANTASTIC!!!! But, we only have a month and a half to get everything in order: hotel, gas, food, books…etc..etc…AND it is a Charity event that helps out Action for Autism, so it’s going to be such a great time!

Some of you ,I’m sure, know the drill of attending any Con, you pretty much have to start saving money months and months in advance to make sure that you get what you want/need. WELL like I said…we don’t have the long and we have bills and need to be able to feed our I kind of did something CRAZY….I set up a GoFundMe donation page!!!

I had seen so many out there that were to help with similar things like this and I thought..well why don’t I give that a try? I may get help, I may not…but I’m a very positive thinker!

So my question to all of you is…will you help my husband and I enjoy this trip by donating? Believe me when I say that with all the Swag I am hoping to receive that GIVEAWAYS will be happening, so in the long run it could even benefit a few of you! Were talking LOTS of STUFF!!!! So please consider it, or at least sharing on social media sites to help spread it around the internet because I think the more people that see it, the higher chance of receiving help!

So yeah…that’s all…you can find the link below to go straight to the GoFundMe page and then below that is the event picture that you can click on to go check out Penned Con.

GoFundMe Page!!!!




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