Random Thoughts

YAY!!!!! I’m BACK!!!

So a lot of you didn’t know (because I horridly forgot to make a post about it) but we moved over the last couple months..TWICE!!!! We moved from the city we were in back to my hometown. First to live with my wonderful Grandma while we saved the money to rent in town and then secondly into our new home where we will hopefully stay for a very long while!

Also, just yesterday actually, we enrolled our daughter into school…she’s going to be a Second Grader isn’t that fantastic?! One of the receptionists actually remembered me too! Gosh it’s great to be back in my small town! OHHH and I forgot to mention that while all this has been happening we had hit and miss internet…but it’s all worked out now and I am officially back and ready to blog again and WOW did I miss a lot! So for those who stuck around oh so patiently I am forever grateful and hopefully I don’t disappoint you with my future posts!





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