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Reviews ~ Menagerie & Filthy Rich: Boxed sets of 21 books!

So I had the amazing pleasure of receiving these two box sets in exchange for honest reviews and let me tell you right now…they were great!

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29909538Title: MENAGErie: 21 Book MEGA Bundle

Authors: Selena Kitt, Saskia Walker, Bianca Sommerland, Avery Aster, Candy Quinn, Mia Moore, Marie Carnay, Jennifer Bene, Cara Wylde, Anita Philmar, Alexa Bond, Myra Song, Cora West, Delores Swallows, Emme Salt, L.M. Adventure, Louise Blaydon, Blake Paul, Louisa Bacio, K.D. West and Moxie Morley

Published by: Excessica Publishing

Release Date: April 2016

Genres: Erotica, Adult, Ménage, Romance

Book Description:

Get ready for a MENAGErie of experience!

This 21 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle is teeming with triads, in every possible combination you could imagine—and maybe some you never even thought of! You get over 300,000 words of exciting, multitudinous ménage including every alpha hunk possible, from cowboys to billionaires, who all know the art of seducing a woman–or two.

Twenty-one of the genre’s hottest authors will tempt you with hot, sizzling tales of trios that give new meaning to the term “open relationship.”

So get ready to join the party, because these passionate, polyamorous stories will leave you panting for more!

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A box set of Ménage stories?! Heck yes count me in! I guess you can say that I have a soft spot for Ménage/Poly books…It makes you think outside the box and maybe think of things that had maybe never crossed your mind before. It’s kind of right there next to BDSM for me- It’s just hard to find original books and not something that has been said over and over. Seriously I like reading stuff that is original and this set does not disappoint!

Selena Kitt I have read and she has always been a fantastic writer. The other authors were new to me, but I enjoyed their work as well and will be keeping track of their future works.

NOW some of the stories didn’t really catch my interest as much as others. But that’s the beauty of a boxed set isn’t it? If you didn’t like the story, there is always a chance that the next will be just what you are looking for!

So if you like reading these kind of books, give this set a chance!

Four Stars


29909472Title: Filthy Rich: 21 Book Billionaire Romance Bundle

Authors: Selena Kitt, Layla Wilcox, Avery Aster, Candy Quinn, Cynthia Dane, Kendra King, Bella Bentley, Deana Farrady, Desiree Hart, Myra Song, Jo Henley, Karly Dalton, Sophie Sawyer, Mia Saxe Sophie Stern, Nikki Steele, Kalpana Kali, K.B. Winters, E.K.Sabins, J.L. Dillard and C.C. Morian

Published by: Excessica Publishing

Release Date: April 2016

Genres: Erotica, Adult, Romance

Book Description
Money talks and billionaires walk…

This 21 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle gives you all the hot, sexy billionaires you crave! They’re wealthy, they’re decisive, and they’re full of self-discipline—except when it comes to her. You get nearly half a million words of delicious, rich alpha males determined to get what they desire, and they’re not afraid to play dirty!

Twenty-one of the genre’s hottest authors will transport you to a luxurious, opulent world where the most eligible playboy billionaires live, work, play—and love. These naughty men of fortune will take you on a journey where money can buy anything—except the love of a good woman. That, they’ll have to find on their own.

Let these seductive CEOs have their way with you—you might as well give in, because you know these guys are going to get what they want, one way or another…

This EXCITE SPICE bundle is on sale for a LIMITED TIME.


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A boxed set that has alpha males that know what to do in the bedroom and also happen to have money?? UM yes please I’ll take a double scoop of that!! LOL You would think the whole billionaire macho man thing would be worn out because of the whole Christian Grey phase (that I am still currently in because I just can’t get enough of that amazingly sexy series/movie) but okay let’s get something straight. I WILL ALWAYS BE A SUCKER FOR A SIZZLING HOT MALE WITH MONEY! Oh and did I mention that they know their way around a bedroom? SEX WALKING!!! HAHAHA

This is definitely a set of books I recommend and hope that you guys give a try because you will not regret it! The stories are well written and like I said about the other Boxed Set- even if not all the stories are what you particularly care for, there is a story for everyone in here. Just awesome!

Sparkle Star GifSparkle Star GifSparkle Star GifSparkle Star GifSparkle Star Gif


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