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Review ~ Love Slave: Sizzle (vol. 5)

25029231Title: Love Slave: Sizzle

Author: CM Peters, SB Wolfe, Brantwijn Serrah, LN Bey, Janelle Reston, Elia Nicole, Harley Easton, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Geonn Cannon, Marie Piper, Vernon Wade, Gregory L. Norris

Release date: March 15th 2016

Publisher: Lit Select

Genre: Anthology, Paranormal, Romance, Erotica

Book Description:

For those in the know, food is more than simple sustenance; it’s the perfect seduction. Love Slave: Sizzle offers a delectable combination of taste, smell, touch, and pleasure, with a collection of tasty stories cooked up to whet your appetite. Engage in a little fork-play with these carnal treats, ranging from sweet romantic entrée to savory erotic indulgence. Come have a taste; these stories are certain to satisfy the most discerning palate.

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What a great collection of short stories! The main genre is Erotica, with other awesome content crammed in!

It was very hard not to be hungry for food while reading some of the stories. Let’s just say that it might not be a bad idea to have a glass of wine and a box of chocolates, if that’s your preference because I totally would have if I had them.

The stories start out slow and then heat up, but there was never any scenes that became too explicit, which just intrigue you to read more.

So like I said, great collection! Give it a try!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

Four Stars


Teach Me

Elia Nicole

Even his sense of touch seemed more alert. By the time she moved on to pastries, he was in tune with his body, how Lauren’s hand over his became almost a caress, or the soft press of her breasts along his ribs when she leaned to peer over his shoulder. It should have embarrassed him, that more than once he’d had to rest his weight on the edge of the counter to hide his erection. Instead, Lauren only took in his discomfort and grinned. She had licked her lips, subtly perusing his body. Before commenting that he saw the connection now. It came on a whisper, the contact on his lips as soft as candy floss and as quickly dissolved. He went back to his flat that night and took himself in hand, the elusive taste of her on his lips as he groaned her name and spilled over his fingers.

Now, he saw all the nuances he had missed before. How a few seconds made a difference in the color of a browning crust, or the way a flick of salt enhanced a flavor, the steam wafting toward his face carrying aromas that tightened his stomach with hunger, a hunger that was nearly sexual. He also couldn’t miss her. The scent of her, sweet and salty and faintly musky without being hidden under layers of soaps and perfumes. The faint roughness of her fingers on his as she guided him, or the heat of her body along his spine. Every day, they weighed on him, inflamed him. While he was stirring a ganache, his mind caught up in the glossy sheen of the chocolate as it dripped from his whisk, the rich scent that wafted to his nose, layered in vanilla and caramel and dark cocoa, she pressed into him. Her breath was warm on his ear, her hips tucked against his. “That looks absolutely sinful.”

The comment, low and husked against his skin, almost made him drop the whisk. It also sent a spiral of heat straight to his belly. “Christ, Lauren.” He turned to look at her.

She had retreated a few steps, watching him with an enigmatic look, one that seemed tinged with hunger, and not just for his food. “You’re finding your way nicely. Almost there. What do you plan to do with that?” She walked away before he could respond. It was probably a good thing, since his mind was besieged with images of her naked, drizzled in his ganache as he lapped it off her body.

Christ in heaven, but now every time he was around her, it was all he could do not to slice off a digit. He couldn’t think, except about how her lips felt in that split second against his ear, and how she pressed him ever so carefully against the counter. It was wrong and right all at once. He wanted to change places, to spread her out over the weathered wooden surface, bury his face in her throat to taste the salt-tang of her skin, feel the ample weight of her breasts in his hands before he sank into her. He had a cock stand all right, and it wasn’t for steak tartare.

She pronounced him sufficiently trained when she walked into the kitchen to see him wiping a stray droplet of raspberry sauce off the edge of a plate before tucking the towel into the belt of his white jacket. Watching her taste his dessert, the flash of pink as she licked her lips, the low female groan as white and dark chocolate melted over her tongue, he’d nearly had to excuse himself. And when she swiped a finger through the creamy confection and offered it to him, he was absolutely transfixed. His eyes locked with hers, savoring the way they dilated as he sucked at the digit, tasting her beneath his concoction. Lauren didn’t protest at all when he stepped around the counter, pulling her flush to his body, coaxing a thigh between hers even as he mirrored the movement against her lips with his tongue.

They were both panting when they pulled apart. “Now, you understand,” she murmured, the words husky and sending a shiver down his spine.

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