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The Demons Walk Among Us by Joann Harris

519CfKEazeLTitle: The Demons Walk Among Us

Author: Joann Harris

Release date: October 2012

Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing

Book Description:

The cats lay silent in their hidden places, waiting out the storm and watching as strange. Misshapen creatures rose from out of the ground, coming out of the dark swamps. The Beasts stood in the rain, for they knew it had been sent by their Master. They stretched their arms and loosened their muscles. They had been asleep for a long, time. And now they were free.

Huge, clawed hands waved through the wet air Powerful jaws that dripped stinking saliva snapped at nothing. The fangs of the Beasts were four to five inches long, and yellow. The creatures, well over six feet tall when erect, weighed between two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds. Their eyes were small and evil, with Hell-sent hate shining bloodred. Their bodies were covered with thick, coarse hair. The cats lay concealed and watched the Beasts as they stretched and growled. And the cats knew that the devil’s work had just begun….

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I can tell you straight away that this is going to be a one paragraph review. I had to force myself to finish this book to see if it got any better, just for curiosity’s sake… didn’t. The story line has the potential to be great, but it’s weighed down by an abundance of over-description of everything and confusing dialogue. I wish the author tons of luck and a bright future, but this book just did not do anything for me.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

One Star

About the Author:

704048Joann Harris was born in Durham, North Carolina and from an early age, she always wanted to write horror. What is it about horror that she finds so tantalizing? For one she finds terror a thrill a minute. Even when she was a teen she taunted her friends and relatives with stories about blood and gore, embellishing on the sordid details as they squirmed and cringed. Harris currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


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