Boys Don’t Cry by by Jennifer Melzer

26130136Title: Boys Don’t Cry

Author: Jennifer Melzer

Release date: September 14th 2015

Publisher: Dragon’s Gold

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Book Description:

Taliesin Wick knows exactly what she wants to do with her life. Even when her house-flipping father puts their home in Austin on the market and moves the family to Pennsylvania, it’s nothing but a minor wrench in the cogs of her dreams.

Then she meets Nate Thorne.

From the moment she first spied Nate playing guitar on his front porch, Tali was drawn to him. The sorrow in his songs, the deep sadness in his beautiful eyes… she can feel Fate pulling her to him.

Something haunts him. He never talks about the sins of his past, but she knows he doesn’t trust himself, especially not with her heart. Tali can’t imagine the sweet, loving boy she’s come to know being the awful monster he thinks he is, but what if he’s right? What if learning his secrets changes the way she feels about him?

Tali doesn’t know if their whirlwind of bliss is just a summer fling, or something much more, but she does know falling in love with Nate is going to leave the kind of mark you can never erase.

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This was a great story! Once I picked it up it was extremely hard to put back down. Tali and Nate were just so freaking amazing and they made it so easy to fall in love with them. Jennifer Melzer brought this story to life with her exceptional writing. I am definitely going to be reading more of her work in the future.

Tali has an amazing family and a relationship with her father that made me smile quite a bit. I think the family parts were very essential and they were also written in a very believable manner. I’m glad that I didn’t once question what the author was thinking in the whole book. There was a reason for everything being the way it was and I appreciate that. It’s seldom that I read a contemporary book that doesn’t involve me rolling my eyes at the improbability of a few situations. It didn’t happen in Boys Don’t Cry, such an amazing book!

So yes I recommend this and I am pretty sure I am going to talk my friends into reading it as well!!

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*


4808230About the Author:

Jennifer Melzer enjoys spinning elements of the fantastic with strands plucked from the heart. She spent most of her life denying the romantic overtones sewn into her fiction, but awoke one morning and realized every single tale she’d ever spun somehow revolved around the heart. She has since given woven from heartstrings.

She currently resides in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter and a houseful of dragons she must train regularly to keep them from setting fire to the curtains. Nightly she dreams she is laying on the beach watching stars burst over the Atlantic Ocean.

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